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Bitcoin was one of the most heard words of 2017. The spectacular growth of the cryptocurrency price went beyond the conversations of the most experienced in the world of finance to become popular as an asset in which millions of people around the world invest and that slowly begins to become popular as a means of payment.

But bitcoin is just one of the more than a thousand cryptocurrencies that exist in the world and, although it may be surprising, the growth of its price during the past year did not place it in the top 10 of those that grew the most.

In the first place was Ripple, which during 2017 grew more than 36,000%, closing the year at 2.21 dollars per unit. It was followed by NEM, Ardor, Stellar, Dash and Ethereum, also with sky-high rises.

Bitcoin, with a 1,318% annual increase, was only ranked 14th among the cryptocurrencies of the year.

Top 5 most successful cryptocurrencies of 2017

1. Ripple

Ripple takes the crown as the most appreciated cryptocurrency of 2017, which is evident after having dethroned Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash in the cryptocurrency ranking and having reached the second place of coins with the highest capitalization.

Many were the events that boosted the price of Ripple during 2017. Many banks around the world tested its platform to carry out transactions, highlighting the Bank of England, BBVA and Thailand’s Krungsri. It also managed to interconnect traditional and distributed ledgers with each other before atomic swaps began to be tested.


The silver medal of this count goes to the XEM cryptocurrency of the NEM blockchain, which was revalued 316 times in 2017.

This year NEM launched its NanoWallet, a cold wallet for storing XEM crypto assets, which later integrated Trezor into its services. Similarly, it launched its ioNEM platform, an integration between the Internet of Things with its blockchain and a new service for those forgetful customers to recover their private keys.

3. Stellar Lumens

Stellar was born as a fork of Ripple, offering a similar distributed payment infrastructure focused on international transfers. Its crypto asset Lumens has usually followed the movements of the XRP market. And although its appreciation this year was lower than that of Ripple, it still takes the bronze medal as the third best crypto investment of 2017.

4. Dash

Closely following Stellar Lumens is Dash, appreciating 146 times its price. 2017 was the year of Dash conferences, who held events around the world, highlighting their first global conference held in London. They also forked their blockchain to increase their block size from 1MB to 2MB to process more transactions.

5. Bitcoin

However, the gold of cryptocurrencies will always go to Bitcoin, the mother cryptocurrency. Although it did not multiply its price as many times as the rest of the cryptos mentioned in this count, it has been the only cryptocurrency that has reached 20,000 dollars per unit and has remained immovable in the 1st place in the ranking of crypto assets with the highest market capitalization. .

It is impossible not to mention the signing of the New York agreement, an scalability agreement that would deepen the debates in the community and would lead to the activation of SegWit, the threat of increasing blocks to 2MB by SegWit2x and the fork of Bitcoin Cash. This first fork started the phenomenon of forks for ‘free money’, evident in the forks of Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond and a host of new forks.

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