Turn Green Tomatoes Red

If you have the choice between having green tomatoes or red tomatoes for your tomato sauce, it’s probably going to be a toss-up for you. With the wide variety of flavors that green tomatoes can provide, it’s hard to know who will win out in a fight. But one thing is for sure – you can’t just go around turning green tomatoes red! When you do this, you’re actually tricking the tomato into growing larger and bigger. And what results is an amazing sight! If you want to see exactly how this works, keep reading; otherwise, let’s learn how to turn green tomatoes red – make them grow bigger!

What is the Difference Between a Green Tomato and a Red Tomato?

There are many similarities between the two, though the difference is significant enough to avoid confusion. Both are spherical fruits with a single fleshy layer surrounding a single mass of pigment-containing seeds. The most significant difference between the two is their color. Green tomatoes are more likely to be red than the other way around, and red tomatoes are more likely to be green. While both types of tomatoes are defined by their skin color, the term ‘’green’’ is often used to refer to tomatoes with a certain coloration and the term ‘’red’’ is often used to refer to those with an opposite coloration.

How to Turn Green Tomatoes Red – Make Them Grow Bigger!

There are a few ways to turn green tomatoes red, but the most common method is through breeding. The process of breeding involves selecting the most aggressive and hardest-charging of two groups of plant individuals, then cross-breeding the selected individuals to create a new, more aggressive and harder-charging breed. Sometimes breeders will select the most colorful individuals from each group and then cross them to create a more intense color. This is often referred to as back-crossing, since the selected individuals are coming back to the original parents’ colors.

The Secret to Making Your Tomato Grow So Big!

The secret to making your tomato grow so big is to plant them bigger. That’s right – plant more. By growing your tomatoes larger, you’re increasing their opportunity to produce bigger and bigger tomatoes. As they get larger, they have an increased chance of ripening into a kernel that is both red and delicious. So, if you want to get fancy, you could also try inter-planting your larger tomato plants with other vegetables, like bell peppers, eggplant or summer squashes, to increase their genetic potential and chance of producing even larger tomatoes.

The Final Words

Now that you know how to turn green tomatoes red, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. Get to planting those big, red tomatoes this season and let’s see how well you can grow ‘em!

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