Bathroom cleaning

Do you ever wonder how to make the bathrooms in your home look their best? Maybe you’re looking to create a space that will feel more like home rather than an Airbnb space? If you’re like many people, then this might be one of your top challenges in life. After all, wherever you live and work can have a real impact on the appearance of your home.

Make sure your product is of high quality

In order to make sure that your product is worth its weight in gold, look for brand-name products with high-quality content. Using cheap, un-branded items can tend to give the bathroom a more “sick” feel than having something brand-new. This is especially likely to happen if you’re using soaps that contain Natural Parabens and Phthalates. Avoid using soaps with Artificial or Artificial Musk that comes with fragrance oils such as those from soaps with menthol and rose-oil kick-flowers.

Don’t use too much soap

We know that soap is one of the most important factors in creating a great bathroom. But too much of it can leave your bathroom looking less than optimal. We’re talking about a lot of water, chemicals, and dirt in your shower, so you don’t want it too much. According to studies, you should be using between 2 and 6 tablespoons of soap per week. When it comes to shampoos and conditioners, you don’t want them weighing you down. Instead, opt for more gentle foaming shampoos and conditioners that don’t clog your pores and leave your hair soft.

Don’t use too much shampoo

Shampoos with sodium lauryl sulfate, dianethiol oleum, or sodium laurate are often packed with sodium, which can cause your hair to become un-refined. Opt for gentle shampoos with natural ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate and sodium alginate, as these tend to be gentle on your scalp too.

Don’t use a washer-dryer in the bathroom

You might be surprised how often this one is mentioned in the same breath as “bathroom.” Unfortunately, this is the one thing that can really take the shine off a bathroom. We love our showers and baths, but they don’t stay looking as good as they could if they’re been in a dryer. It’s a fact that the average adult uses between one and three showers a week. But what if you could avoid all of that “sick” water and manage your shower to just the right temperature? Well, there are some things you could do about it…

More body oil

When it comes to improving the overall look of your bathroom, you need to add more than just water. It’s also important to add a body oil such as shea butter, almond or avocado. You’ll want to use it on your scalp and hair before towel-drying so that it does not dry out and frizz.


Bathroom cleaning is essential for any home. If you have a bathroom that always feels cleaner than the rest of the house, it may be because you’ve been paying more attention to your cleanliness habits! We hope these tips have been helpful, and if you’ve found them helpful, you’ll be able to make your bathroom cleaner in less time than you think possible.

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